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Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner- 4.5m Cable 12V 120W Wet Dry Dual-Use,Car Vacuums Handheld Automotive/Auto Vacuums Car Cleaner with American Cigarette Lig

Winter and spring dry weather, too much dust, if they stay in the car, prone to bacteria and damage to human health!
To prevent dust and water quality, use our product is a good choice,It not only can absorb dust, But also absorb the leakage of liquid leakage, minimal noise, strong power, wet and dry with multiple purposes.
Product Dimensions:35X9X8.5CM. (13.8 x 3.5 x 3.3 (inch).
Colors:classic black, bright orange, pure blue.
Power cable length:4.5 m.
Degree of vacuum: 4000PA.
Product composition:host, flat suction nozzle, EVA hose, brush nozzle.
1.Because of this shipment, the supplier made the wrong manual, not in English, but after you place an order I will send an electronic version of the English manual to your email. We can guarantee that the product does not have any problems, if you mind this brochure, please Do not place orders, thank you.
2.This product is specially using for the car. Don't use it in other excessive dust environment. In order to avoid affecting the dust absorption effect and service life.
3. When you using it, you must install the filter screen. In order to avoid it damaged when it sucked pollutants into the pump motor.
4. Don't take the former shell down when products is working. In order to avoid the accident happen.
5. Don't put the product below the air-condition directly, in case of the condensate into the product. In order to avoid the product damaged.
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