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Car Dust Wax Brush Washing Mop Dirt Cleaning Tool Scaleable Drag Handle Cleaner

The owners of the city in the sand more, certainly for every morning full of sand and dust and distress, but do not use water or wiper method to remove the sand, this will seriously damage the paint.
We recommend: you should use a soft wax brush to gently scrape the sand on the car, brush the body with a wax brush again, the car will be acquire a completely new outlook.
Someone stenciled our look, stenciled our packaging, but could not template our exquisite design and workmanship.
Material: wax brush line: cotton thread.
Telescopic bars: aluminum alloy.
Handle: EVA foam handle.
Brush plate: engineering polypropylene.
Size:60X15CM/23.6X5.90in, Extended after 85X15CM/33.5x5.90in.
Features:Spring:Dust removal, summer:To prevent acid rain corrosion, Autumn:Sweep the leaves, winter:Removal snow.